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Keep your Child Occupied. Winter Activity-2.

So vibrant! So fascinating and colorful! I love food colorings! Not to use it in food, of course, but in kids projects they are extremely useful. Last year when my son decided that he wants to participate in a Science fair and make a volcano, food colorings worked great for lava special effect. He and his friend got a 3d place, by the way.

To keep my daughter busy outside I had an idea to make a snow day a bit brighter.

These are the food colorings I bought in Shop Rite diluted in water.

The amount of creativity is unlimited: spray from the recycled Windex bottle, make splashes with a brush or color a snowman. We did it all.

unnamed2 unnamed3

As an art teacher I’d say, enjoy and do not let anything stop you, but as a mother who does laundry and tries to keep her kids looking decent, I have to warn you that the colorings stain so wear mittens that you won’t regret throwing away later.

Have fun!


Keep Your Child Occupied: No Strings Attached.


I want to share a way of painting that my kids still like despite the fact that I showed it to them more then a year ago.

The project is very easy to set up.

1. Squeeze a couple of drops of paint in a cup (or mix some paint if you like). You do not have to use many colors but conveniently go with one. Watercolor or acrylic will work equally fine.


2. Cut a few strings if you have two or more kids or two or more colors. I prefer to use some extra pieces to avoid bickering. On the tip of each string I put a piece of tape or make a knot but it is not necessary ¬†and if I have no time, I just cut the yarn, that’s it.

Do not forget the paper towels!


My daughter tends to overdo it but that is a good sign. If she can not stop – she enjoys it.

I leave the paints overnight and often they pick up where they left the next day.

Hope your kids will enjoy it too.

Have fun!