About ArtWings


2016-01-09 17.11.08

ArtWings is a blog for parents and their children. Presented in a form of a workshop observation it is  easy to  use for a busy parent or a caregiver who is interested in art class ideas for the kids.

The reason why I created the blog is pretty straightforward: with my 9 year old son having just one hour of art education in school, I felt it is not enough, and with my 3 year old daughter expressing her artisitic abilities on every piece of paper she found and on the walls before, I had to find an art outlet for both of them. But like most parents these days I did not want another hassle of driving to some art class, waiting for my son there and entertaining my daughter while staying in the waiting room, or driving home and then back to the class again, taking my daughter to the similar class and waiting there with my son,  or…  Well you get the idea.  Instead I started seriously thinking about what can be done at home at a convenient time with a proper balance of directions and creativity.

This is how ArtWings was born. Every post describes approximately one hour of our workshop and can be used for either preschool age or older children. In our class we have 3 year old kids and 10 year old. They all work together according to their abilities and desires and the group dynamics is great with bigger kids helping out the smaller and explaining what they already know, so do not be afraid to do the same workshop if your kids have a big age difference.

Furthermore, every class we listen to a different music piece either by a famous composer or a soundtrack that is related to a particular topic, so please be welcome to check out my links and use it in your workshops to wake up and employ all sensory inputs.