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Gyotaku Where You Least Expect It.

Gyotaku was born when Japanese fishermen wanted to record their catches and prove to their friends that they did not have pants on fire when they said they had a nice catch. At the beginning Gyotaku (jaio (fish)+ taku (rub) served only that purpose but since 1800s it became a separate form of art. Continue reading Gyotaku Where You Least Expect It.

Calaveras Jersey Style.

Nicholas, 9

When you think of Mexico you think of bright clothes, spicy food and unusual art. They are able to make extraordinary out of simple things and celebrate the uncelebrated. The Day of the Dead, for example, is one of the most exuberant and lavish holidays in Mexico with lots of festivities, treats and decorations. Being about 2000 miles away from this wonderful country did not stop us from joining the tradition if only by making the sugar skulls which are traditionally made there for the fiesta. Continue reading Calaveras Jersey Style.

Royal Pumpkin Decoration.


This is an extremely delightful and beautiful project that is easy to do at home with the kids of different ages.

You will need:

  • Small pumpkins
  • Elmer multi-purpose spray adhesive. Bought a bunch here and can not be happier because we use it often.
  • Assorted glitter.
  • Strait pins. You can buy them at the sewing supply store or any kind of craft store.
  • Beads, glitter confetti or small cloth flowers.

Step 1: Spay adhesive near the top of the pumpkins while turning them around to get the coverage.

Step 2: Sprinkle  the glitter on the pumpkins and again, turn the pumpkins while shaking the jar. Allow some time to dry out.

Step 3:  String the confetti with the beads and stick the needles in the pumpkins. Watch out for the sharp edges.

Step 4: Admire your accomplishment.

With younger kids you can skip the third step and move on to admiring all together for the reason that no-one wants to have prickled fingers and upset faces while enjoying a pleasurable activity.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Ivan Shishkin. An Ode to Beautiful Forest. Sponge Painting Technique.

Nicholas, 10

The leaves are about to change, but we are still enjoying warm weather and play outside a lot. Spending time in the nature touches the strings of your soul and gives you inspiration no matter what you do. This week we have learned about the artist who spent one third of his life in forests creating his outstanding masterpieces. His name is Ivan Shishkin and, not surprisingly, he is called The Forest Singer. Continue reading Ivan Shishkin. An Ode to Beautiful Forest. Sponge Painting Technique.