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Gyotaku Where You Least Expect It.

Gyotaku was born when Japanese fishermen wanted to record their catches and prove to their friends that they did not have pants on fire when they said they had a nice catch. At the beginning Gyotaku (jaio (fish)+ taku (rub) served only that purpose but since 1800s it became a separate form of art. Continue reading Gyotaku Where You Least Expect It.

Hanami. Sakura Celebration.

Sasha, 9

If I have a chance to go to Japan I want to do it when cherry blossom trees are blooming. I can sing many praises to the uniqueness of the country  but really where else in the world do you have grand festivals devoted entirely to the blooming of the trees. They are called sakura and not only are they pretty but they are also very meaningful to the people of Japan. Continue reading Hanami. Sakura Celebration.