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Royal Pumpkin Decoration.


This is an extremely delightful and beautiful project that is easy to do at home with the kids of different ages.

You will need:

  • Small pumpkins
  • Elmer multi-purpose spray adhesive. Bought a bunch here and can not be happier because we use it often.
  • Assorted glitter.
  • Strait pins. You can buy them at the sewing supply store or any kind of craft store.
  • Beads, glitter confetti or small cloth flowers.

Step 1: Spay adhesive near the top of the pumpkins while turning them around to get the coverage.

Step 2: Sprinkle  the glitter on the pumpkins and again, turn the pumpkins while shaking the jar. Allow some time to dry out.

Step 3:  String the confetti with the beads and stick the needles in the pumpkins. Watch out for the sharp edges.

Step 4: Admire your accomplishment.

With younger kids you can skip the third step and move on to admiring all together for the reason that no-one wants to have prickled fingers and upset faces while enjoying a pleasurable activity.

Happy Halloween everybody!