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Gyotaku Where You Least Expect It.

Gyotaku was born when Japanese fishermen wanted to record their catches and prove to their friends that they did not have pants on fire when they said they had a nice catch. At the beginning Gyotaku (jaio (fish)+ taku (rub) served only that purpose but since 1800s it became a separate form of art. Continue reading Gyotaku Where You Least Expect It.

Christmas Toys Paper Mache.


Do you feel it? It’s in the air! Christmas time, wonderful time. The weather is still awesome, but here and there you see a fresh-cut Christmas tree on the roof of a car. ¬†Yet it seems so far away; a false feeling because the eve will come quickly and your head will spin. No surprise we are getting ready now, not later, by doing fun Christmas projects like this one. Continue reading Christmas Toys Paper Mache.

Snow in the City. Mixed Media.

20160113_124401-1 (1)

Growing up in Siberia I think I can easily get a PHD in a snomanship if someone ever decides to establish an academic degree for the craft. Here, in New Jersey, the winters are unpredictable and once in a while we get a snowless one. Like the one we are having now.

When the hill won’t come to Mahomet, Mahomet will come to the hill. I’ve already described one snow project that my kids enjoy and you can find it here . This week we created a snowfall in the city.

Continue reading Snow in the City. Mixed Media.