Golden Autumn. Isaak Levitan.

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The post was written back in October right after our workshop but the class was so successful that I felt like publishing it anyway in case someone has a desire to use it for ideas.


It is beautiful outside! Golden leaves, clear blue skies. Seems like a perfect time to listen to Vivaldi’s Autumn and pick up the brushes.

The inspirational painting for this class masterfully executed by Isaak Levitan was The Golden Autumn. I’ve  remembered it since I was a child but every time I think of a perfect autumn time I have this scene in mind:


Fate was not always smiling to this man and if it was not up to Levitan’s strong willed character and love for painting we might have never known his beautiful works.

He was born into a poor Jewish family and at some point was not able to pay for food let alone canvases and paints. Thanks to his amazing talent and a humble personality, he was supported by his fellow artists and teaches and could give life to the truly beautiful  landscape paintings. Nature was his favorite subject but being Jewish he met a lot of negativity when painting ” the Russian scenery” . And this is where his uncompromising character came on handy.

His paintings have a distinct melancholic feeling. Take a look at some of them:

Goloden Autumn, Slobodka.
Evening Bells
Vladimirka Road
Self portrait.

You can find additional information about the artist following the links:

Isaak Levitan 

Levitan: Wikipedia


It took us about 50 minutes to finish the work. For the process we used:


and lots of cleaning rags (!).

Prepare to be amazed:

Victoria, 3
Nicholas, 8
Maria, 9
Anna, 4
Nicholas, 4

Now, the reason why I think the project turned out so good was the use of the sponges for foliage.  They are such amazing little things! Dip it in yellow, some green, some red and brown and Bam! you’ve got yourself a tree. The kids liked it a lot and eventually I had to stop them otherwise the paintings would only have leaves and nothing else. But it was fun to do them. I could not resist, too. 🙂




PS: There is a planet named after the artist, called 3566 Levitan.  Well deserved!

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