If A Kid Doesn’t Want To Draw.

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This is  my four year old daughter’s creation. She spent approximately seven minutes on it, devoting most of her time to producing the right color of blue for the water slide. This is a water park, by the way.

I know a girl who painted President Obama in a striped tie when she was three and it was a pretty darn good portrait.

And you  were so good at it!  You doodled on the back of your paper, you drew a reindeer behind a couch as a surprise to your parents, you sketched every single day, wished for a set of super expensive watercolor…  OK, I am talking about myself here. However, you might also have a story about how you painted a birthday card and everybody was amazed, or how you won a first prize at the high school art show… but your kid doesn’t want to draw!

What? Why? You liked it. Your friend’s daughter likes it. Why is your child not into it?

First of all, don’t panic. As frustrating as it might be, there are big problems out there and this is not one of them.  You can still find ways for your child to express himself artistically.

  1. Use unusual materials to cover the surface and draw on flour, beans, sand etc. Kids can use fingers or palms  to develop sensory skills.
  2. If your kid likes colors it is OK to give him water cups, brushes and paints. Let him or her create color mixes and use the opportunity to teach about the primary (yellow, red and blue) and secondary (orange, purple, green)  colors.
  3. Unconventional ways to paint could be the answer. Utilize wrinkled plastic wrap, sponges of different shapes and sticks.
  4. Paint the leaves and print them on paper. You can make prints with coins, too.
  5. Make Rorschach blots.
  6. My son once used leftover coffee to paint; one of those times when he actually wanted to keep on going.
  7. Shaving cream art. I bought a few bottles at a dollar store and my kids regularly ask me to “make mess” with it. Spread some color on it, mix it, make swirls.  You can see how we do it in one of my posts.
  8. Strings. Cut some thick yarn into not very long strings and let them doodle. See here how we do it.

Yes, to me it is still surprizing that my own kids are not fond of drawing but I try not to look at it as a flaw.  They have other talents, I am sure; because I’ve never seen an unremarkable child. Ever!


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