On the Way Home. Mixed Acrylic Technique.

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Punxsutawney Phil might rethink the whole thing after freezing his tail off for the last couple of days. Winter finally decided to show us who is in charge. But you know what? I do not mind it if its only for the couple of weeks. What can be cozier then sitting home with a nice book and hot cocoa when its cold and snowing outside?

Also, snowy landscape can present a vast number of ideas for painting. This week we attempted a winter scenery with cute houses on the horizon.

The versatility of acrylic is amazing. Use it strait from the bottle and pretend it is oil ( that dries fast, I might add) or if you dilute it well, you’ve got yourself a watercolor.  Brushes, palette knives, sponges are all suitable for this medium.

As soon as I put the sponges on the table the kids did not want to use the brushes anymore, so do not make a mistake of revealing all the secrets of the technique if your students are as daring as mine.

I have to tell you, with every class it gets better. The flow is pleasant and the accomplishments are encouraging. This class was so successful as if the kids knew what is expected one step ahead.

To create a perfect winter painting we used several acrylic  application techniques that were fun to try.

Dry brushing was something used throughout our paintings. I asked the students not to use too much water for the sky, and for the trees and snow not to use water at all. It gave the paintings a nice texture and extra interest. Tree trunks were done with brushes almost completely dry.

Washing was used for the sky. It is a method I mentioned above when you use acrylic paint diluted as if it is a watercolor.

Dabbing was a technique that the kids exceptionally enjoyed. For the snow on the trees we used the sponges and for the trees on the horizon a bit of paint on a coarse hair brush.

By the way, I found new acrylic paints for the class,  they have very nice consistency and pretty colors.

As for the surface, any heavy paper will do. I am fond of canvas paper for acrylic, we used it a few times and I am very pleased with the way a painting looks after it is finished.

I really liked how the kids did these paintings even though I thought that it would be hard for them to execute. You know what they say – it’s hard if you think it’s hard, thankfully, they are not aware of this phenomenon yet.

Max, 10
Nicholas, 5
Ali, 5
Valeria, 4
Sasha, 9


While working we listened to the happy guitar music for kids.

If you would like to read more about various acrylic application techniques, this link might be helpful.

However, do not think too much about the methods of painting, enjoy yourselves!

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