Snow in the City. Mixed Media.

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Growing up in Siberia I think I can easily get a PHD in a snomanship if someone ever decides to establish an academic degree for the craft. Here, in New Jersey, the winters are unpredictable and once in a while we get a snowless one. Like the one we are having now.

When the hill won’t come to Mahomet, Mahomet will come to the hill. I’ve already described one snow project that my kids enjoy and you can find it here . This week we created a snowfall in the city.

It was an amazing class! I can not pinpoint the exact reason for that but decided to do a mixed media class again in the nearest future.

According to one of my students, Piano Guys are huge now. So I found their soundtrack to listen while working. Loved it!

At first we painted a dark sky with blue and black acrylic paints on the canvas boards. Always fun and messy. Sorry, parents.  We did not even thin the paints with water but just covered with one color and then partially with the other. I wanted the boards to dry completely before we glue the paper houses on them.

Then,  put them aside and went on to the next thing: the arrangement of newspaper cut outs on the table in order to determine how the city will look on the board. I prepared some for the smaller kids but the older ones certainly did their own designs. Any glue will do but I had some left overs of all purpose Elmer’s glue from one of the  previous projects so we used that.

When the kids were done with putting the houses, they  painted snow on the roofs and ground and finally the best part: snowfall! For that you would need to thin the white acrylic paint in a cup and use a paint brush with stiff hairs. You get the idea, right? Dip it and then using your finger on the bristles, cover the painting with white drizzle. Let me warn you that the area where the snowfall happens can be quite sizable and I made a mistake of not covering enough. Well, live and learn…

Behold the masterpieces:

Maria, 10
Sasha, 9
Nicholas, 9
Victoria, 3
Valeria, 4
Anna, 4
Nicholas, 5 (He was the only one who did not want to spray the paint because “it is blizzard and you can not see snowflakes”. :))

When you try it you’ll see that it is easy to do even with preschool kids, their cities might look like a mad city planner took over, but most of them like cutting and gluing. And spraying the paint will be a hit.



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